In pursuit of imagination

We pursue what we imagine is possible, not what we imagine is not. [Scott Adams]

This wise quote from Dilbert's creator Scott Adams comes from some of his political commentary on the USA's dance with North Korea but it grabbed my attention as a reminder that if we want to achieve something, we must be able to imagine it first. To see it in detail, to picture ourselves there and imagine what life will be like when we reach our goal.

That makes imagination one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal.

It also allows it to be one of the most destructive forces, if we allow it to take hold in a negative way. What if needs to be forwards and upwards thinking to keep us striving to do our absolute best every time.

Look down or allow ourselves to become focussed on negativity, fear and worry and that powerful imagination of ours can paralyse us.

Good and bad, imagination is simply a story that plays out in our mind. Make yours a good story.