Shut up and be awesome

Recently, I had the absolute privilege of heading to LA for an un-conference kind of a conference.

It has to be said that I’ve been to a lot of places before flying to the USA, having the tiniest objection to being fingerprinted and interrogated, so there needed to be a compelling reason to get there.

I found it. Awesomepalooza (cool name, eh?) Facilitated by Dan Waldschmidt, who I’d stumbled across as I was setting up my own business and whose blog I follow religiously, it offered the kind of shot in the arm/kick in the pants business awesomeness I strive to offer to my own clients but struggle to get for myself.

3 interrogations, 2 swabs for explosives, fingerprints on file and 13 hours later, I was allowed into LA, to meet some amazing people, absorb some phenomenal content, and wonder at the loquaciousness of movie stars’ political opinions, when they live in a city where they could make a difference, if they so chose. But, enough of that ☺

Worth the trip? You bet. It took place in a studio on Hollywood Boulevard, where you could imagine Harvey W lining up his next fling, if it weren’t for the fact the couches are shorter than they could be, for maximum comfort!

Anyway, Dan and the people he’s gathered around him are among the most genuine people I’ve met in my life and I’ve made some (I hope) friends I never would have met if I hadn’t taken the plunge.

Most importantly, everyone there is on the same mission. To do better, be better, and help more people achieve their potential.

It’s a potent mix and an inspiring one.

And, it was less about sheer profit and dollars than I imagined. To a person, everyone was focussed on doing their utmost in business but also being the best partner, spouse and family member they possibly could be.

Some of the lessons:

- our thoughts are not real - our ability to think is real - we are the thinker of our own thoughts - there’s a fine line between perfecting and procrastinating (and I cross it, often) - everyone (but everyone) suffers from self-doubt at some point. Push through it. - gratitude doesn’t allow negativity

I’m beyond grateful for the connections and the friendships made and the inspirations gained. This year, I’ll be launching the kind of digital marketing academy I wish I’d had access to when I was casting about for inspiration, answers and perspectives and it’s thanks to these guys. In return, I hope I can help out with inspiration, answers and perspectives… because that’s what I do.