Interviewed for Bring Your Own Awesome with Dan Waldschmidt and Broc Edwards

Such an honour to be interviewed this morning by the kings of awesome - Dan Waldschmidt and Broc Edwards - for their new podcast series on ordinary people bringing their brand of awesome to the world.

I'm not sure how I managed to qualify to be included but when they asked, I said yes, with gratitude and without asking too many questions.

Hopefully, I had a few things to say that could help others tackling their own business and as always, it was fantastic to be able to spend a few minutes hanging out with a couple of such inspirational and motivational people.

Dan's on a mission to gather awesome people in one place and if you're looking for daily inspiration from people focussed on being the best they can be, joining his Facebook group the Edgy Empire of Awesomeness is free (and highly recommended).

Stand by for the launch of this podcast series... I can't wait to hear from the cool people in it.

#UPDATED# launching 23rd July - listen at