Elevate your perspective

Through conversations with countless people, from employees in their first job to business owners with everything on the line, there have been a couple of common threads:
- When it comes to ourselves, being able to step far enough back to gain the sort of perspective we need to be able to promote ourselves to others is bloody hard.
- It’s not necessarily (or even often) lack of skill or knowledge that’s stopping us from doing something awesome.

I'm no exception to that.

When it comes to promoting others, it’s straightforward. They tell me what they need to achieve and I show them how to get there in a way that works for them and for their customers.

But, when it comes to my own business, it’s become very clear that I need a ‘me’ for me if I want to do better (and I do). It’s my own perspective, clarity, self-confidence and mindset that need work and I need the help of some awesome people to get past the things that are holding me back.

Fear, doubt and negative thoughts have been creeping in and stopping me from doing what I do. More importantly, it's stopping me from helping others to achieve their business dreams.

So, I'm off to meet Dan Waldschmidt and others at Awesomepalooza in LA for a shot in the arm to help me to super charge my business... and help more people start profitable businesses. It's the start of something very exciting.

Here's how it went.