Interviewed for Bring Your Own Awesome

Got 30 minutes?

Listen to the podcast interview with Petra, Dan Waldschmidt and Broc Edwards, where we talk about putting yourself in the customer's shoes, why it can be so hard to promote yourself and the importance of having great people around to give you the perspective you need.

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Interviewed for Bring Your Own Awesome with Dan Waldschmidt and Broc Edwards

Such an honour to be interviewed this morning by the kings of awesome - Dan Waldschmidt and Broc Edwards - for their new podcast series on ordinary people bringing their brand of awesome to the world.

I'm not sure how I managed to qualify to be included but when they asked, I said yes, with gratitude and without asking too many questions.

Shut up and be awesome

Recently, I had the absolute privilege of heading to LA for an un-conference kind of a conference.

It has to be said that I’ve been to a lot of places before flying to the USA, having the tiniest objection to being fingerprinted and interrogated, so there needed to be a compelling reason to get there.

I found it. Awesomepalooza (cool name, eh?) Facilitated by Dan Waldschmidt, who I’d stumbled across as I was setting up my own business and whose blog I follow religiously, it offered the kind of shot in the arm/kick in the pants business awesomeness I strive to offer to my own clients but struggle to get for myself.

Elevate your perspective

Through conversations with countless people, from employees in their first job to business owners with everything on the line, there have been a couple of common threads:
- When it comes to ourselves, being able to step far enough back to gain the sort of perspective we need to be able to promote ourselves to others is bloody hard.
- It’s not necessarily (or even often) lack of skill or knowledge that’s stopping us from doing something awesome.

In pursuit of imagination

We pursue what we imagine is possible, not what we imagine is not. [Scott Adams]

This wise quote from Dilbert's creator Scott Adams comes from some of his political commentary on the USA's dance with North Korea but it grabbed my attention as a reminder that if we want to achieve something, we must be able to imagine it first. To see it in detail, to picture ourselves there and imagine what life will be like when we reach our goal.