Petra DavidsonPetra Davidson is a digital marketing consultant who helps people to start and build profitable businesses by giving them the website, digital tools and strategy they need to stand out online.

Petra's first foray into marketing was a trial by fire when she was the only person available to step in to a struggling phone card business, when its manager was injured. What followed was over 3,500% growth and a passion for fixing and building up kick ass businesses took hold.

She's soaked up the processes that serve big corporates, been in the trenches with challenger businesses and pulled companies back from the brink by getting to the heart of what's going wrong and fixing it. And, loved every freaking minute of it (even the worst of them).

Now, she helps entrepreneurs turn their ideas into products that people love to buy, making sure they have (and know how to use) the digital tools and technology they need to make it online.

She's based in New Zealand's beautiful Whangaripo Valley and has clients in countries around the world.